Grey’s Anatomy – The Doctors

At October the 14’th Cruella delivered 5 perfect little boys.

For this litter, we have chosen names from Grey’s Anatomy. This because we like the show and becaus the father of the litter is named Pinex (a painkiller).

The first born is Derek Shepherd.
Then came Alex Karev.
Richard Webber was nr three.
Nathan Riggs came fourth.
Mark Sloan was the last to arrive.

As with the the last litter, Cruellas delivery was easy and smooth. She’s a very good and dedicated mother for the little ones.

Unfortunately we had to put Derek Shepherd to sleep. He had fluid in his lungs. But the rest of the Doctors grew up just fine.

Alex Karev moved to Czech Republic as the first LH in the country. He has made history.

Nathan Riggs moved to Finland to live at Marmalades Kennel.

Mark Sloan lives with his family in Østfold.

Richard Webber stayed with us here at Mei Alucinor.