Heroes and Villainesses

On January 3, there were born 4 beautiful little girls.

The first one, a liver/tan big girl, arrived at 06.21. At 07.05 her sister came. Also liver/tan. Then, under 20 minutes later, at 07.24, Madame Medusa arrived. Finaly at 08.09, little Lady Tremaine showed up.

The birth was easy, Cruella did a great job. No stress, she was not afraid, didn’t seems that she had much pain either. A smooth birth. And all four girls looked healthy and started eating at once.

The litter is registered at The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) with their names:
Mei Alucinor Maleficent (l/t), she stayed here and goes under the name Maffe, which we learned that means crazy in Dutch.

Mei Alucinor Queen Grimhilde (l/t), she is living in Hordaland, at a farm together with cows, hens, sheep, lamas, cats and two Vestgöta Spets and goes under the name Alfa.

Mei Alucinor Madame Medusa (b/t) lives in Hammerfest with another LH, a Lapsk Vallhund, a Corgie and a cat. She goes under the name Sàvve. Unfortunately Sàvve is no longer with us, she died in a car accident.

Mei Alucinor Lady Tremaine (b/t) lives in Reinsvoll together with her «littlebrother» Lurven, a cat and a tortoise. She goes under the name Trulte. Trulte is amazing in Smeller.